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Fuji apple wholesale price in 2021

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Why are Fuji apples so good?the wholesale price of fuji apple

fuji apple wholesale price depends on different parameters. The Fuji apple is native to Japan, first introduced to Japan in the 1940s and worldwide in the 1960s. With vigorous and productive growth with a sweet flavor. For more information about the 2021 Fuji apple wholesale price, visit our site.

Fuji apple wholesale price in 2021

Why are Fuji apples so good?

Why are Fuji apples so good? The Fuji apple tree is valued for its delicious fruits. At technical maturity they are bright pink or dark red. In addition, the color of the fruit is uniform. On the surface, yellowish spots or greenish streaks are slightly visible. Matte skin, no shine. According to the description, the weight of Fuji apples and the review of gardeners reaches 200-250 grams. Even the fruits one by one. They taste sweet, but they are not stupid. Apples are dense, juicy, crunchy.

On the slice, the flesh is white or creamy. Such apples are rich in various vitamins and minerals, amino acids, pectin, fruit sugars. That’s why doctors advise them on diet and baby food.


Attention! Fuji apples are high in calories per 100 grams of 71 kcal. Storage features Fuji apples are also valued for excellent storage. It can stay for 12 months when special conditions are created and industrial cooling units are put into use without losing its taste. It cannot be used for more than 4 months. The pulp is juicy and crunchy. Apples on the palate are sweet and sour and belong to a variety of desserts.

The apple tree is strong, high with excellent yield. The fruit tree has moderate skin resistance. The fruits ripen in mid-September. They are stored for about 7 months. Important! Fuji Aztec needs a pollinator, so Granny Smith was planted in the garden.


According to consumer reviews, the fruits of the Fuji Kiko apple tree are the most delicious among other clones of this type. Although longer than the Aztec period, apples are still harvested 21 days before the main variety. Fuji seedlings can be planted in autumn and spring. Autumn planting begins after leaf fall, but before the onset of permanent frost.


The main task of the plant is to take root before a cold. As a rule, this is done in October. Although even the most experienced gardener cannot determine the exact planting date, it all depends on the climatic conditions of the region and the time of winter onset. If for some reason it is not possible to plant a new Fuji apple tree in the fall, you can renew the garden complex in the spring. The main thing is to do the work before the kidneys swell and the juice begins to flow. In this case, the roots recover before the hot days, the plant begins to grow. In Advice Reviews, experienced gardeners recommend buying small seedlings, these are plants that take root better. Visit our site for more information on fuji apple taste.

the wholesale price of fuji apple

wholesale price of fuji apple The wholesale price of fuji apple in our collection is affordable and suitable and is also exported to other countries. So you can visit our site for more information about fuji apple calories.

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Collection Rebadia invite you for buy the best product fruits (apples and pomegranates) and nuts (walnuts and almonds)

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