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Pomegranate export in bulk

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What is the benefit of pomegranate?EXporting the best pomegranate in bulk

Eating pomegranates has important medicinal and therapeutic effects as well as high nutritional value. Eating pomegranate is highly recommended by the Qur’an and imams. Pomegranate has many effects in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, especially atherosclerosis, cancer, as well as helping to prolong life and slow down the responses of aging cells. Visit our website for more information on pomegranate export.

Pomegranate export in bulk

What is the benefit of pomegranate?

What is the benefit of pomegranate? Pomegranate juice has powerful antioxidant properties and is effective in preventing heart disease, stroke and heart attack. A glass of pomegranate juice meets about 40% of your daily vitamin C needs and is a good source of vitamins A, E and folic acid. The amount of antioxidants in pomegranate juice is 3 times that of even green tea. In fact, pomegranate juice is one of the richest sources of polyphenols, a group of powerful antioxidants. The role of antioxidants is to slow or prevent cell damage caused by various stress factors such as smoking, air pollution and stress. Pomegranate mask is used for facial wrinkles.

Thanks to its powerful antioxidants, pomegranate fights free radicals, which are the main cause of skin aging. For topical use, take some pomegranate juice and apply it to your face without mixing it with anything else. This brightens the skin and is very good for nourishing the skin. Pomegranate seed oil, which owes its powerful anti-inflammatory properties to fatty acids, relieves skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema and sunburn. It is effective in reducing inflammation and muscle pain and helps regulate hormones that play an important role in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

It is made from pomegranate fruit, pomegranate juice, pomegranate paste, pomegranate dish, nardoneh (dried pomegranate seeds as a spice in some foods) and pomegranate jam. The peel of the pomegranate is used to make traditional colors, its leaves were also used in the past. Pomegranate peel is also used to tan the skin and pomegranate flower is used for other purposes. Pomegranate juice, obtained by boiling the pomegranate peel in water, is an herbal remedy for some gastrointestinal diseases and sore throats. Pomegranate fruits are usually consumed as juice and can be diluted, there are several ways.

Another approach starts by warming the fruit and swirling it between hands to soften the inside. Then, a hole is made for the end of the stem, which is placed in a glass, to finish the juice, and from time to time the fruit is pressed to get its juice. This juice can be used in different ways: as fresh juice, to prepare jellies, sorbets or hot or cold sauces, as well as to flavor cakes, baked apples and the like. For more information about pomegranate recipes, visit our site.

EXporting the best pomegranate in bulk

EXporting the best pomegranate in bulk EXporting the best pomegranate in bulk is done by our company all over the country and to European and Asian countries. Therefore, for more information about pomegranate benefits, visit our site.

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Collection Rebadia invite you for buy the best product fruits (apples and pomegranates) and nuts (walnuts and almonds)

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